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Newly released on Amazon online marketplace is Clean Sheets by Knight –

The Specific Situation:

So you’re a highly ranked gangster with more qualification, more responsibility and a higher income than most top company executives. So what do you say when your boss, the drug cartels godfather, asks you to babysitter his 19 year old voluptuous daughter while he goes on a cruise with his latest floozy?

The Perfect Solution:

Indeed sir, get pleasure from your luxury cruise.

Dante Jones:

Recognized about the streets as Black Peter, he does not want to babysit. He desires to generate money, make bargains and then make love to talented and beautiful escorts that do not desire his really like or love. He is proud that he is applying his MBA in the real world and appreciates the many fruits of work. A spoilt princess who could get him killed if she throws a tantrum is not part of his plan going forward. So as long as he can keep her out of harm’s way and happy at the same time everything will be fine.

Grace Valentine:

She’s very hot and she is aware it, all the people at university be aware of it, she doesn’t want or need to have a babysitter. She’s sassy, smart and independent. She is definitely not kept cooped up in the dad’s assistant’s The Big Apple condominium for two several weeks when he cruise the Caribbean together with the newest lady to change his head. So her goals is simple: survive through the next fourteen days with very little direction as you can, fulfill who she would like when she would like, and be sure she keeps on Dante’s good part, so she does not get her allowance minimize.


The most effective laid ideas of usually go awry. Neither of the two will get what they predicted using their 14 days jointly.

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