Cone crusher is provided with an advanced crushing technology

Cone crusher is mainly applied in road and bridge construction, the stone and sand and aggregates the project need are produced by cone crusher. Because of the indispensable advantages cone crusher has, none of crushers can replace cone crusher in large scale production line. Cone crusher was adpoted recent year. Cone crusher is provided with the most advanced crushing technology. The high capacity, high-power, high crushing ratio are unique in crushing machinery. This is a totally new design, hydraulic crushing principle. And this new type cone crusher is different wtih traditional cone crusher on structure and design principle, new type high capacity low price cone cruher process all crushing plant’s advantages, and cone crusher has wider application field.

Because of the high hardness of the iron ore, we need to adopt high efficiency and simple method. Therefore, one good type stone cone crusher is necessary, Cone crusher introduction:cone crusher enhances capacity and expands application field, it can crush limestone and basalt and many sort of stone material. Cone crushers has been widely applied in many fields like metal ore,cement factory and aggregates manufacturer, and we export our cone crushers to many countries. Cone crusher was developed recent year, all advanced technology of crushing was put together to this cone crusher. Because it’s new tehchnology-hydraulic crushing system, cone crusher has lots of advantages like high capacity, stable, and high crushing ratio. It’s a symbol that ore stone crusher technology steps forward. Cone crusher has lots of difference in structure and design with other crusher, all advantages of other crushers are included. Cone crusher has wide range of application. Cone crusher is especially applied in high hardness rock, ore, slag and fireproofing. Cone crusher was constituted by frame body, adjusting device, adjusting sleeve, crushing cone, eccentric bushing. Three modes is available, that is intermediate crushing,intermediate and fine crushing, fine crushing depends on clients’ demand.

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