How to make artificial sand more like natural sand?

The Hongxing developed Sand design determine the future structure of the product, function, quality, degree of intelligence, to have a good beginning in R & D design. Design combined with the current state-of-the-art science and technology as much as possible, Sand supporting the implementation of the entire production line, the entire production line requires jaw crusher play an important role, Hongxing Company the production of 900xl200 jaw crusher for limestone broken, installation and commissioning, the force of the run-time of the aircraft empty weight, 16t moving jaw swing, caused by the impact force of the thrust plate seat adjustment, body and foundation has a lot of felt in: Thrust wear plate and thrust plate pedestal asked more than the normal level by adjusting the tension spring, the situation did not improve. As a cushion between the adjustment pad plus one and the same as the size of the plate conveyor belt shown empty after the operation, the vehicle body and based on the felt basically eliminated, when run with a load, and only in broken chunks of limestone when only certain felt, but than it used to be much smaller buffering effect in running a TAIPAN Ming found riser block easy channeling eliminate the adjustment, adjust the pad surface and weld the two platen pad The board sprang the problem.Scientific management, advanced processing technology and innovative manufacturing theory make Hongixng become the exporting base of sand washer supplier, bucket sand washer and famous grinding equipment in China. What Hongxing has done is for the clients and we believe that quality is the best way to develop market.

In the background of the promoting of infrastructure construction, Henan Hongxing machinery as the leader of mining industry produces the newest Sand Making Machine. It not only meets the requirements of the quality of building sand, but also compensates the technical defects of sand making industry. According to the different technology requirements and the different combination of equipment, we can meet customer”s different process requirements. Hongxing sand making mahcine the excitation type of computer control system for grain shape control.The benefit of this approach is very independent and automation. Grain shape is not in conformity with the requirements, it is absolutely impossible out fine grinding chamber. When there is some cavity type mechanism adjustment homework, because use fully automatic sensing laying, in utmost to save the manpower cost. The method of improving the efficient of sand making machine:sand making machine keep regular lubrication, lubrication for dry oil lubrication way.

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