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examination the nature completely has no problem

Only master wood’s son tooks a look east red, the in the mind was full of a hope, he knows east red and Lin Shao’s friendship is quite good, absolutely is not likely to be ill-wisher!

Indeed as expected, east red soon say:”Doctor, I am the rh Yin”sex” blood type, need not examined and took out my blood.”
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„Is true of.”The doctor surprise ground pulled an east red hand, ” young man does to analyze with me.Too good!”

„Need not analyzed, doctor, I once examined before several.”The east is red and then is getting more hasty, save a person if fight a fire.

„Do not go, must analyze, this can not play trick.”Doctor allows of no a cent and says, ” I am a doctor, listen to mine.You trust like, as long as your blood type matches, patient temporarily can’t in danger of.”

The all pleased of Lin Jia’s persons hopes an outside, who parents’ Lin Bo Tong’s man”Fu” that didn’t also notice master wood’s son and Lin Shao is one eye, there are some abnormalities in the facial expression.Especially Lin Bo Tong’s wife the Li Yan is purple, facial expression special concussion, stare at an eastern red figure, eyes a blink don’t blink as well.

„Old wood, you say is the east red to have a possibility?”The Li Yan is purple to tightly hold tight Lin Bo Tong’s hand, the quivering voice asks a way. Timberland Mens Boots

„Wife, don’t urgently, hereafter opportunity to have plenty of.”Lin Bo Tong clapped to clap the madam’s hand and comforted a way.

The eastern red body is healthy, the blood”liquid” examination the nature completely has no problem.

„Take out more point, doctor, I am young, body good, have no an affair.”The east is red ha ha smile.

„Go, take out 400 milliliters, however this was already the extreme limit of rules in the nation.”The doctor also knows that this takes out normal 200 milliliterses are affirmative not enough and use of, have no polite.
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Is very quick, the blood drawing out on the eastern and red body is sent into operating room, the door of operating room was again closed.

The east is red to also act according to an entrusting of doctor, is drawing blood a rest in room, and then drank boiled water of one big cup.

„Eastern elder brother, you have to be unimportant, once”sex” took out so many bloods.”Leaf’s working properly has been being nearby accompanying east red, is strain very much, the concern ground asks.

car production line formally start production

smile, ” is spoken of still your achievement is the biggest.”

„The treatment that I feel to them is still lower, they the income abroad a year 500,000 still certain.”Cai Ying Ying says.

„This I am understand.”East red ha ha smile, ” I again and investment talks talk, fight for letting them can join from partnership by technique and have an advantage towards investing company and talented persons all like this.If settle down the solid salary, there is on the contrary no movable space.”

„True of, that often beautiful estimate wants again happy Be getting worse.”Cai Ying Ying says very happily.

„We the city”government” also want to consider a set high level the talented person ushers in a way, talented person most importance, especially software science and technology park, the words with no
Baby Timberland Boots talented person are purely armchair strategist, mirage.”East is red and then considers to say, ” as long as investigating to pass, can give first the allowance of one part, make the talented person able to calm mind to develop a work.Moreover, in the housing, the sons and daughters go to school to wait aspect to also want to give some special special discounts of measure.”

„Or the mayor is severe, consider completely.”Cai Ying Ying and then stuck body to come over, ” follows your work, the whole bodies are all powerful.”
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„This period of time pain you.”The east is red to clap the back of the hand of clapping Cai Ying Ying, immediately feel some ambiguity, hustled along handle knob to shrink to return to.

Cai Ying Ying but is the face”color” is red right away, the darling jumps badly.

The industrial economy in the Heng Xiang City from now on head
Timberlands Boots For Cheap ed for a high speed development, with car industrial park, network electronics industrial park and software science and technology park is group leader, aroused the whole development of economy.

After half year, car production line formally start production, the related supplier also continuously moved the Heng Xiang City, the scale of car industrial park at constantly extend.Breeze group in the sky, blue sky group and much more pleased treasure group because at the sea north real estate foam finance in don’t be subjected to what influence, accept funds all back, so the funds of pale blue pleased group have no problem and arrived good”sex” to develop a stage.

In order to adopting east red sb patent, the motor of pale blue pleased car be much more than at the domestic, be also have a certain competition ability among nations.However, because the domestic equips industry level whole fall behind, the accuracy of each parts and foreign top-grade car manufacturer competes to still have a certain margin.

The east is red to have no way, have to with lend own memory, privately sent the car for spreading of the future generations inside a few styles external structure design to a first lover Xiao jade English, this just made up the margin of internal structure quality and owned some competition abilities.

However, the pale blue pleased car still has very great advantage on the price of, the price all generally only has 20th, in case of the set.Local cheap labor force, and the foreign car gets into a local market very heavy of tariff, let the pleased group of pale blue make sure the price

9000 standards to want to be strictly many

Chapter 426

Five power once the director listen to is to take part in to make a contract a rites, two words didn’t say and then promised down.This also no wonder that, so greatly invest item, and is a car profession, be there are all no a few good affairs like this in whole countries.

At the same time, five powers are red to east of the this carriage felling satisfaction , at least, still have he this city Wei a director in his eyes.

However, is end the signing is on the peace treaty of be still the east is red, because east red is mayoral〃 , the whole Heng the legal person of the Xiang City representative, who can not also replace!

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Five power the director is naturally to announce a to turn over to glow with enthusiasmly talk, while welcoming to invest a company, also represent the Heng Wei in the Xiang City City to declare, definitely give domestic and international most special investment policy of investment company.

The lately- established car manufactory is named after pleased pale blue car manufactory, pair of day breeze, blue sky, much more pleased treasure three names of groups all included into.Assign name to concerning this, five power the director isn’t very satisfied, he thinks that calling the Heng Xiang car manufactory is a little bit better.

A few investment company the nature isn’t dry, because if be named as the Heng Xiang car manufactory, on listenning to is a name of stateowned business enterprise, the officialdom”sex” is still too strong, w Timberland Boots For Men ill don’t know those hereafter some what bother affair.

Say again, the Heng”government” in the Xiang City City also has 10% of shares, and just stem, don’t participate in the management management of business enterprise, this is explicit to come down in the peace treaty.The dry subscribed capital body means can cut a melon, not can point hand painting feet to the management of the business enterprise.

Five power director also can choose compromise and beat ha ha, say that oneself also just suggests just.

The television station of Heng Xiang made a co
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ntract a rites to carry on to broadcast live on the scene to this, and again and again carried on reruns in a month in behind, this a milestone that is the Heng economy in the Xiang City to develop!

A car manufactory isn’t a common business enterprise, the car was originally a special kind profession, its quality standard was also specially careful, although at that time didn’t°yet what ts 16949 standard, qs 9000 standards were also very strict, compared with general iso 9000 standards to want to be strictly many.

A manufacturing of car is very complicated, usual process is blunt press, the Han packs, packs and always packs.The carriage packing after needs at inside decorate a section to carry on to decorate inside the construction, for example gauge, glass, chair, circuit etc..The bedrock section demand installs a motor on the bedrock of the car, gearbox, drive bridge and tire etc..End be pack good carriage the gearing is on the bedrock, then carry on adjusting to try, just calculate finished.

No matter is blunt to press, the Han packs, Tu Zhuang still keeps always packing a work preface and all has very strict technique standard.

some potato in paste

The Cui Can smiles on seeing, beginning braggart:”We are specially poor there.I went to school before, must walk very far road, not bright everyday sky, get up to do breakfast.The corn sticks to cook some potato in paste, taking the school has to eat for a day.Then walk hill path for two hour, descend arrive below the hills, take a motorcycle again to go to school.Return to a house in the evening, all get 9:00 hereafter.So we the school there never and up and late self-study.”Is public all drive her related to draw on and listenned to one Leng one Leng of.

Liu Xiao asks:”That do you have no car there?”

„Where come car?The home condition orders so much of, ride a cow.Almost of, buy a motorcycle, again almost of, can ride a pig.”The Cui Can starts to blow leather, that isn’t what noodles does change color heart Womens Timberland Boots don’t jump, say the heel is really similar.

„Why does the condition well ride a cow?Isn’t the motorcycle more expensive?”The twins are also drawn on, don’t know to is Sung autumn waters, still Sung fell Xia to also ask.

„The cow can be more expensive than motorcycle.The cow wants to eat grass and wants farmland.The motorcycle is to add some oil, does the oil of ten dollars want to run very far!I a person go to Shanghai to register th Women Timberlands Outlet is time, be because the travel expenses coming over is getting tooer costly, study abroad, sufficient my a person come, my Mom and Dads are unable to come, in fact they also specially want to come to see.”

Xie tone, drink saliva to continue:”We the mountain adult is sparse there, village have, the young men all went out to do a part-time job, remain old people and kid at home, whole villages also however 1, 20 people.Evening, everyone sleeps a cake of.Because wolf in Shan-li, boar what of, usually run to come into the village, round a house to turn leisurely.”

Is public be all drawn on, the Cui Can is secretly funny.The mankind don’t acquaint with to they of the businesses all have a kind to hunt strange mental state, this helps young girl, loving, anger, saddness, and happiness all the performance is on the face and seem nothing important city a mansion also.

The in the mind thinks, the mouth inside didn’t also stop:”Our house fairly good, I can read to finish senior high school.Some families are specially poor, don’t say to study, even all of Timberlands Boots UK Snow pants are whole families to together wear 1.Because only a pair of pants, who want to go out to walk relatives who wear, other persons also have no a cotton quilt cover, rice straw what of burn to sit in the ash heap, the regularly tired month comes down a bottom black song song.Climb mountain stem to live also need not wear pants, if drive tree branch what of hang to broke down and then encounter.”

Chen Hui Min listenned to, secretly straight back, thought at first that oneself’s house is a bedroom the inside was poorer of, seemed still have poorer than oneself of, compared with them, oneself could finish ascending a senior high school and entered university, really very lucky.Although it is said for going to university, the home owes descend the obligation of over 10,000 dollars, can as long as university read out, can not also fear still money?

The farmland honey and Gao Wen Er people listens to with relish, also don’t stop interrupt to ask Cui Can”do you have a McDonald’s there?””Have you ever seen natural gas?”Of the problem of type, see the appearance that the Cui Can makes it lively for, or in astonishment answer” what is that ?”Two of them embrace belly to smile.

dress young girl still that sort stare at everything

At this time, a big piece of the outside vacant land on, light of fire brightness, numerous plant tents take therein, the corpse of various animal is everywhere to pile into mountain, the liver, bone is everywhere all BE, is also the corpse that has no lack of a person among them, the blood becomes river ……

Grill on roast various food, in addition to the corpse and liver of cheap timberlands various animal incredibly still has the mankind’s thigh and skull!Momentary the Fu bad smell of the bloody flavor son, corpse son, still various animal roasts familiar flavor and also has …the burnt flavor son of human body ……the smell son of congestion spread the whole world ……

This kind of scene, this kind of is cruel, this kind of is bloody, this kind of is no one icy cold and dark …… , she have no at 1:00 reaction?!Looking at that white dress young girl noodles expressionless expression, good this is usually the matter general expression, let public don’t feel the in the mind deliver cold, this kind of is cold, just saw than it of in order to go deep into the person’s marrow, the scene more that cold idea, went directly to the person’s arms and legs 100 Hais ……

At this time, white a dress young girl still that sort stare at everything of front, for the public view, young girl well feel not and arrive generally, can hand up that gradually becomes icy cold temperature, but the clearly show wear girlish of heart, probably didn’t superficially have a liking for at this time of that sort equanimity ……

Snow Ling breeze looking at in the moment acquaint with of everything, heart …a bit heavy, but move not to open eyes, until …in the moment and suddenly a dark, acquaint with of the br Timberland Sale Uk eathing spread from the tip of nose son and gradually comforted a young girl inside that blood that seethe, comforted a young girl to inside want to love the impulse of blood, the ear suddenly spreads the breathing for together warming up ……

„Small Ling son … fall calm ……” feels side in the ear that feels pity on but again softhearted of kiss, snow Ling breeze gradually right itself, the hands reply to up cover a pair of big hand of eyes ……

„Shua Shua Shua(go against unique evil spirit chapter 72:(two)Offer sacrifices to?!Contents)!……”Appeared several 10

„Bang!Bang!Bang!……”Car Nian the wall Be a bur

in nowadays is very small and distant already complete

is the i

At this time very small and distant[one] person shrinks corner in, the hand inside prison prison grasps a curse that immerses blood to shiver of shrink together, was full of to terrifiedly hope on all sides in charmingly feminine eye, be a group of people of seeing an alley, was very small and distant to stare big double eye, counteract to put out strength of crumpled to crumple, imitated a Buddha to dare not believe, but immediately again once the self-ridicule smile, how may …how may be them ……covered up into a head the knee, the tears immediately fall in ……

Snow Ling breeze lifts a step to walk to, see at present this shrink together and lightly have muscular spasms of young girl, raise hand to slightly reply at young girl of head up ……

The young girl weeping over because of fearing suddenly feels that someone is clapping the head of fondling he or she, the very small and distant whole body is one Zhan, overflow the lifting of big eye scare of full tears, but while seeing a pure at present person, but the Leng Leng stares at a person who fix attention on the front to looking at ……. Timberland 6 Inch

The „how … incognizant I ……” lonesome words ring in the ear, the double of the very small and distant pallor lips suddenly vibrates, have been overflowing in the tears in the eye socket to also immediately fall in, fiercely the station rises body and embraced an at present white dress young girl, „snow Ling breeze!You finally came!Blare ……I am very afraid!Blare …here my a person ……blare ……”

Snow Ling breeze is one Leng, immediately and lightly clap the empress fondling a young girl to carry on the back, give this the consolation to imitate if the young girl of small monster sort frightenned ……

-Words outside-

Roar!Is close collect much and more!Comment on much and more!

Hey Hey, tomorrow son Ling breeze what affair do they take place again?

This book is delivered by this station head, please not a redistribution!

Chapter 56:The thou city is frightened cheap timberlands

Weep over a continuously young girl and gradually fall calm, in nowadays is very small and distant already complete have no at the beginning supercilious extravagant shape, also no longer to snow Ling breeze satirize and sneer at, give tit for tat, but consider as the solid backing to snow Ling breeze and tightly hold tight, good snow Ling breeze is the bay that she can take shelter from the wind and generally make her feel and have peace of mind ……

Snow Ling breeze stretches hand to want to push away the young girl that the bosom has already fallen calm, but feels a waist a tight, snow Ling breeze surprisedly lowers the head to see toward the waist, the arm that sees that young girl at this time just and tightly the wreath wear his/her own waist, Be not willing to loosen to open and exactly take place what affair will let originally the that sort supercilious young girl become to like this have no sense of security now …… Timberland Boots Black

The young girl of „is lovely … obedient … I can’t leave …… loose open a hand ……” but bosom but tightenned arm more, obstinately shaking

you all exactly once said before this some what

„Yi?This young lady, what’s the matter with you?How to sit on the ground?BE be not where uncomfortable?”At not distance, young girl facial expression that is dressed in yellow dress skirt palely sits on the ground, whole body the keeping of tiny dither looking at a ground, flank a few girl’s sons are positive good heart of inquire.”Roll!Need not you leave good heart!”Sat on the young girl on the ground to imitate a Buddha to just return to absolute being son, the facial expression ferociously towarded a few girl’s sons of in front to loudly roar a way, those girl Lengs one Leng, imitated a Buddha be got a fright.

„!This is who?!Isn’t this spoilt daughter of a rich family who Be not afraid of fearlessly that day?!How was this ?!Incredibly deliver so big quick temper?(Negative unique evil spirit chapter 40:The asseveration contents of month)!Spoilt daughter of a rich family, annoy a big wound body to shout!”

„Hum!Need not you take care of!You calculate what things!Incredibly dare also and take care of up this young lady!”The Zhao Qing Lan’s vehemence overbearing horselaugh roars a way, while those people then looking at Zhao Qing Lan to peep out to disdain of color.

Mens Timberland Boots
„Ha!Zhao Qing Lan!You are that the young lady of calligraphist how still again?H’m?Here of which not is there is a power having power?You with what heel do we threaten here?!Don’t forget …you all exactly once said before this some what should not say of words.”

Hear here original flame of anger overbearing Zhao Qing Lan suddenly become facial expression pale and think of the malicious Li of that white dress young girl just, presented in eye feared of color.That several people see Zhao Qing Lan like this all sneers at to turn round to leave, while those good hearts send greetings to a few of her girl’s sons, the color also all appeared to disdain in eye, turn round to leave.


When snow Ling breeze and month lotus are livinged to walk alone the small way was last, snow Ling breeze withdrew a month lotus to living of embrace, smile to looking at an in the moment evil evil spirit of handsome beautiful man, eye in the meaning expressed is obvious.

But the month lotus living but slowly of break into laughter voice, Wen Run’s laughter flows to turn by the side of the ear and looking at the eye of snows Ling breeze doubts, white dress the man is beaming with smiles but the tone discommode slowly openings to say:”Small Ling son … is really how cruel of heart … is a man really is very sad ……”

Listen to the in front white dress man’s words, snow Ling breeze feels a burst Timberlands High Top Boots of bad cold.But still asked the doubt of in the mind:”You … exactly is who …” listens to lonesome voice of young girl, but the white dress man of that original smile sighed tone:”Small Ling son … you only know that I all absolutely can’t harm you forever are ……”

Man evil evil spirit but again in Wen Run’s voice deeply wear an in fine
White Timberland Boots threads of absolute and earnest, snow Ling breeze to top the man’s eye, saw deep place of that eye bottom an unique figure to her, although still have some doubts, but have no again openings inquire, why don’t know this man to her felling be safety credibility, although he dangerous, he evil evil spirit, but oneself in the subconscious want to believe him …ha …is really strange felling ……fall in love at first sight?Ha, be really ……snow Ling breeze self-ridicule smiled to smile and lightly shook to shake head ……

„Can whether you know ……” a Wen Run’s voice interrupted young girl lonesome words.

the breeze that stays a night

park,2 people didn’t act, but continued to go to bed ……

When the snow Ling breeze waits person to walk to the garden of snows the most strange mansion, snow Ling breeze stops snow step, turn round to turn head to hope to after death of 20 several people, the pure shallow voice slowly rings out:”Now that you have already recognized me is lord, and then be the same as the person of one clan with me, here previous you shoulded once understand the circumstances in nowadays of negative sky of one clan as well, so, I want to establish a strong influence that belongs to I’s uniqueness, all demands that will provide to you in snow house, you have already once delivered blood Shi, so I will gratisly believe you, although snow house has the influence is huge, can be still not enough, I want of influence is can with influence for the whole world, also can not urgently achievement near benefit, steady, have to be firm, these I hand over to you the Er Lan, purple Luo.”

„BE!Belong to next follow instructions!”Er Lan and purple Luo list the leg kneel ground and embrace a boxing to say.

„Get up, in addition to organizing, I still need always huge of, absolutely violent troops, this troops’ person doesn’t can be common mankind as well and understand?I will make an effort to give you Men Timberlands Roll Top my everything, so, I hope you can enough ability backs me up, together heads for the highest point of that world with me and steps even this world!”Everybody listens to the words heart of snow Ling breeze having to shock!Have concussion!Follow main son like this, not wrong!

„I give you time in decade and believe a negative sky of person of one clan, not bad!I will periodically of contact you, the induction gives you various skill, you can understand!”

„BE!Belong to understand!”

„Like, since tomorrow, practice ……”

Knelt at first more than 20 figures to also in a twinkling disappear after young girl leaves, the breeze that stays a night lightly kissed, flower and grass swing ……
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The night that is quiet and peaceful, miracle of beginning ……


Snow Ling breeze was already dead hour while returning to room, so also directly lay take a rest on the bed, the moonlight shines on through the window at the red yarn Lian on, set off the Timberlands Outlet
The light breeze lightly kisses, the red Lian dance moves, before the bed slowly show now a high outstanding figure, under the shining in glory of moonlight, that person’s a white dress wears red jacket, he wears a generous white tunic, outside cover red jacket, moonlight under, the handsome Yan of that nature and man sort seems to be fantasy confusing, but he has dazzling silver hair of a head of with a pair of like the beautiful and red Mou of precious stone.(negative unique evil spirit 20 chapters)This is a young man, have various qualities on the body of this man …icy cold …evil evil spirit …Wen Run …arrogant ……but the hoping of man but double eye gentleness of this nature and man sort sleep soundly in the red yarn debt before fixing attention on at this moment of mean person son ……

„road road agreeable” traffic goes of the troops

Again fine also through don’t live to forget, again sad also arrive not dated.The text jade has been already realized suddenly and remember medium havings all is precipitating, request not beneficial to stay, think of not beneficial, meet to contend for if disappear.

The person’s memory is to have already filtered function, outstanding and fine of, downplay sad Qi.Let the memory of those heartaches, seal to exist that valley inside, the hot tears Sa leads, already lustrous not that land;The knife sword once engraves, the pain-suffering that can deepen a mind.
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Since is to have already let go of, since is to have been already chosen, that doesn’t want to turn head to see again.In the life, only have reality, is the thing that is the worthest to cherish;Only nearby of the person is the temperature that is mutually the worthest to guard.

On the road that the parents of small Feng are moving to go to the capital, ever was born here the small town in the longer than Si, probably the memory that would become gradual faintness of youth.

But, once influenced his person, but can’t downplayed to far go, is a natural affection let it be, is a friendship let it be, is all hardest kind among them.

„Anyway, wedding day after settles bottoming, deliver wedding invitation to me in advance, I will take a kid to rush through back and take part in you this’uncle’of wedding!”Text jade thousand reiterate ten thousand to instruct, an only perhaps small Feng is still that Chi silly youth.

Contain one bubble tears in small Feng eyes:”Text jade you want to return to city early.Don’t time is too long.”

Cheap Timberlands Boots
Ah!Or the kid who didn’t break milk!Really not equal to family the text post , at present, soon wased a dad and more and more had definite view.Determinedly don’t make daughter-in-law’s son weary and tired from travelling, this year, don’t return to!

La beginning of the month six.Is the whole to is ready, breakfast finish, „road road agreeable” traffic goes of the troops escort three extra large size wagons vastly and mightily and start setting out.

Two small doll sons, the Hun doesn’t know to start making a long and difficult journey, awake just felt son.Drinking milk is together following father and mother, does the spirit write.
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Outside city gate, but is guard severe, the non-commissioned officers each helmet is fresh clear.Embattled appearance.

The car brigade is separated at inside the city gate, it is said that, wait for general and princess to return to city.

Inside the city gate, gradually came together more officials and common people, all come to greet general and princess.

This etc., divide while being near noon, the sunlight is gradual warmth warm, spread in the road both sides of huge crowd.

„Come.Come!”The crowd starts some concussions, the traffic wreath wears of the voice ring and gradually closed to city gate.

develop this glorious tradition

That manages to pool!Text jade with wine generation tea, full fullly drank to the utmost two cups, the desire needed to be wanted again, the 鸀 almond shook head not to dare to give.

„Young lady, in established clean building, don’t you go?”The 鸀 almond braves but not reckless and has already checked 1 time of this houses.

Though is hungry and thirsty, there is no that meaning, seldom quiet at the moment, must also put.

Was clean to come out, sit idly again bottom, at present of everything, much more safe lovely, there is food in the belly, what also not afraid!

The 鸀 almond wiped the dessert Mo of corner of mou
Timberlands 3-Eye Lug Shoes th son for text jade, listen to outside the door ring and quickly give° the red cover head a young lady to receive up, everything, with have never taken place similar.

Is a young women to come in and enter a house, was a thief pass good door, the inside also ladles up an a few son desserts from the Xiu cage and pass a 鸀 almond hand:”Be getting worse the hungry sister-in-law quickly?Three sub- brotherses instruct what I deliver.”

The 鸀 almond connects to come over, a bit rosy on the face:”Thank madam, you BE?”

„I am his two sisters-in-law, three sub- brotherses love daughter-in-law’s son and fear to hungry Be getting worse.”That women smiles really, again very in an interesting condition feeling.

The text jade is very low to call 1:”Two sisters-in-law.” Timberlands Boots Outlet

„Ah!You eat first, I outside look after.”Jiang Er’s elder brother’s wife is wreathed in smiles of left a house.

The 鸀 almond makes fun a way:”Does the young lady still eat?This is the Gu Ye to have what heart deliver.”

The text jade lightly smiles under the cover head, this boy, also have friendship on the whole, know to love daughter-in-law’s son, must encourage, continue to develop this glorious tradition.

Is very quick, make bride chamber of come together, the half big boy, the bond maids all the Xi hip-hop admire of come to seek new elder brother’s wife to beg for to appreciate, the pleased N Cheap Timberlands Boots UK ang also comes back to stop visitors, the 鸀 almond took to early pack good small red envelope to send forth, was very pleased to celebrate some kind of.

At night, the guest who takes part in wedding dinner mostly spreads to go, the pleased building inside but again person’s bearer goes toward and put on the table ascend flourishing beautiful meal, Jiang Xiu just drinks very drunkly and swagger of entered nuptial chamber.

The pleased Niang arranges 2 husband and wife Jie cover head, drink to hand over cup wine, again vomits a lotus sort to tell a lot of good luck